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David Rowson - StrategicFusion

Corporate Communications and Branding 

StrategicFusion is an international brand & communications consultancy that helps companies manage and communicate change throughout the Brexit process.

We can apply a wealth of knowledge built up over many years of managing the full spectrum of corporate, brand and identity needs, many of which may result from the impact of a new,

Brexit-driven strategy, or corporate orientation: e.g. merger, or acquisition; corporate / brand restructuring; brand portfolio management; brand evolution, repositioning, or revitalisation;

service / brand enhancements & segmentation; internal culture evaluation & change; internal and external marketing & communications.

We do this by ‘fusing’ a company’s corporate / service positioning and strategy with branded and digital expression. Our researchers engage with and understand the needs of all key

stakeholders, both internal and external. Our consultants and creatives then develop world-class brand, marketing and communications solutions to bring that thinking to life, both on &


Corporate Communications and Branding: Service
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