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Gordon Colquhoun - Event Horizon

Research & Intelligence

Event Horizon provides the BAT with intelligence on macro environments on a real time basis connected to a  future trajectories model.    It also conducts mainstream research at Meso/Micro levels.

Macro Level Intelligence

The Macro Living System Platform (MLSP) is an advanced Horizon Scanning model which allows a framework for the identification, capture and analysis of complex and evolving information.   Intelligence outputs produce in-depth insight and understanding on an ongoing basis (i.e. the ‘living’ part of the system - not just a ‘polaroid’ snap shot of events).

Through sustained observation and analysis, judgements are formed on the balance of probability to create a credible and reliable evidence base as to ‘where we are now’ and the impact events will have on future potential pathways.

The MLSP will inform your understanding of the UK’s exit from EU today and in the future, enabling a forward looking capability to deal with the coming changes.  Intelligence outputs from our Brexit Arena MLS model with future potential trajectories identifying baselines, boundaries, opportunities and risks to inform strategy, operations and communications.

Meso and Micro Level Intelligence

Mainstream Market Research and Futures Research methodologies can be provided to elicit more in-depth investigation of Meso and Micro issues.   Methodologies include Scenario Planning, Qualitative and Quantitative Research, and other mainstream methodologies.

Research & Intelligence: Service
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