Established in July 2016, the Brexit Advisory Team demonstrates an unparalleled commitment to supporting businesses through the Brexit process. 

Our foundation is based on a multi disciplinary team with experience and knowledge across a range of environments.

Areas of Expertise

Business Operations & Management

Working with organisations to ensure their activities will continue to operate through the Brexit process.

Research & Intelligence

Enabling the business to focus on the likely outcomes by identifying the forward trajectory of the negotiations.

Corporate Communications and Branding 

Maintaining stakeholder confidence through effective communications throughout the Brexit process.

Political Communication

Providing politicians with an understanding of the challenges faced.

Government Affairs

Educating civil servants of the issues and complexities in order to find better solutions.



The Brexit Advisory Team provides a wide scope of professional expertise to support businesses navigate their way through the Brexit process.   We offer a range of services to meet our clients' needs.

Brexit Readiness Assessment (BrexitRA)

Brexit Evaluation Audit (BrexitEA)

Brexit Intelligence Monitor (BrexitIM)

Seminars, Conferences & Workshops

Bespoke Expertise


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